I Have So Many Questions On Friday Morning

  • Why would an Olympic Curler feel it necessary to use performance enhancing drugs? Wouldn’t decaf coffee be ideal?
  • Why is British Broadcasting Company (BBC) the most reliable source of American news?
  • Why did the sheriff’s deputy on assignment to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School apparently stand silently for six minutes while a 19 year old gunman was slaughtering the kids he was assigned to protect? I know and am friends with a lot of folks in law enforcement and I’m pretty darned confident they would have rushed in.
  • Why aren’t beer, fried chicken, and chocolate health foods? This fact makes me question everything about life.
  • Why are Republicans, members of the party historically supporting law enforcement and others who protect us from internal and external threats, now the ones attacking and discrediting the law enforcement and intelligence communities that have done great work (overall) keeping us safe?
  • Why has the Democratic Party not introduced a strong platform on which to oppose the Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections when the Republicans are extremely vulnerable thanks to President Trump? (answer: Because it is easier to criticize than to lead)
  • Why does President Trump not openly criticize Putin and the Russians for manipulating America’s democratic processes? Their interference appears beyond doubt.
  • Why have I not yet seen Black Panther?
  • Why would anyone think the speech offered by Wayne LaPierre to the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) yesterday is at all patriotic? And why has CPAC, an organization made significant by President Reagan, become such a fringe group that attacks the FBI?
  • Did Missouri’s governor really blackmail and intimidate his lover to keep her from speaking out of turn about their extramarital affair and was the indictment against him for “invasion of privacy” politically motivated?
  • Is the idea of giving guns to school teachers as dumb as it sounds? Teachers are responsible for helping prepare kids for the future, not defending kids using guns. Will we have to change college teacher education requirements and add marksmanship to the curriculum? Also, I remember teachers with paddles (I was paddled twice during my time at Verona Elementary, both times by a coach and both times for something I didn’t do) and am glad my testosterone driven coaches didn’t have guns!
  • Why have President Trump’s supporters given him a pass on the tax return issue (as well as just about every other issue)?
  • Why did The Police have to break up? The same for Pink Floyd.
  • The USA will probably finish the Olympics with the 4th or 5th highest medal count, so why are media calling this “disappointing”? I think it is pretty cool that a country the size of Norway can win the most medals. Can’t we just celebrate everyone’s victories (well, except for the Curlers).
  • Why do children have to grow up and move so far away?
  • Why have we not yet found “the cure” for cancer?
  • Why do I allow all these questions to interfere with a good night’s sleep?

3 thoughts on “I Have So Many Questions On Friday Morning

  1. I adore you and your thoughts. So many of these spin in my mind too. Been conscious lately of what I give my intention to, seems like so many opportunities for distraction. I’m feeding my future, having conversations with those who will contribute to a larger dialog and desire for forward movement. Trying to always keep open my listening self while also launching folks towards consideration of the same. Thanks for sharing your story with us! I appreciate your voice.

  2. Great questions! Very few good answers.
    Curler? Cheating got to be a habit.
    BBC News, ??? I prefer The Times, they are reporting not influencing.
    The deputy was scared. It happens.
    Beer, chicken & chocolate – no idea.
    Because the FBI leaders have become political operatives, players not referees
    Lack of a platform – Trump derangement syndrome, they caught it from the Replublican’ts
    Trump hearts Putin – no idea
    You haven’t seen Black Panther because there are too many thoughts running around in your head and you have to write to get them out.
    CPAC, Inc
    Lust and arrogance? why did David fall for Bathsheba?
    I can explain the armed teacher thing, but it would take a while.
    Trump tax return – infatuation is blind
    Sure would like to see Led Zeppelin one time!
    But curling is exciting!
    no idea
    no idea
    Too many ideas running around in our heads.

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